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I am on step 9.2.1 here. My question is on how to build the dissector on my Mac. I'm vaguely running into ideas about using automake/autoconf. Is this necessary? If so, premade plugins like gryphon don't allow me to build them as well. There seems to be a need for much more than just a file.

asked 29 Jan '15, 04:22

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Have you completed the first part of the Development Guide e.g. Sec 3.5.1 which discusses using configure to create Makefile from the templates.

If you haven't worked your way through Sect 2 & 3, then you need to do so first to create\prove your build environment before attempting to add your own dissector.

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answered 29 Jan '15, 05:06

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Hello. Trying to run ./ grants me this mesage: Useless use of /d modifier in transliteration operator at /usr/local/share/automake-1.9/Automake/ line 60. aclocal -I ./aclocal-fallback -I /usr/local/pkg-config/share/aclocal file `plugins/Custom.m4' does not exist

(02 Feb '15, 03:14) Erronsing

What version of Wireshark are you trying to build? Are you building from a tarball? do you have a file plugins/Custom.m4?

(02 Feb '15, 07:28) Anders ♦

The wireshark version was cloned from It's just a folder, not a tarball.I have a file plugins/Custom.m4.example. Is this something I should look into and/or rename to Custom.m4?Simply removing .example gives me file `asn1/Custom.m4' does not exist. I'm going to try to just add this file whereever this message pops up.

(05 Feb '15, 05:37) Erronsing
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