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Ladies and Gents,

Thanks in advance for looking at this problem.

As I was learning about monitoring wifi traffic, I found something that bothered me.

First of all, I am running Wireshark on MacBook Late 2011 with Intel i7 processor.

I was trying to decrypt the example that is attached to 802.11 decryption wiki page with phrase: Induction and SSID: Coherer.

However I found that how it shows on Data seems little bit off. Frame 99 is the first frame that suppose to be decrypted. After I put the decryption key in, Window version of Wireshark decrypted successfully while Mac did not. I used the same file for both.

I found that in data field, Windows version Wireshark has 344 bytes while Mac version had 348 bytes.

In Data field, Windows version shows as following:

Data: 7eccf60ac1ddffb04796c3...

While Mac version shows as following

Data: 000000007eccf60ac1ddffb04796c3...

I don't know this is a Mac version Wireshark problem or I am doing something wrong. I ask experts' for a help.

asked 29 Jan '15, 16:32

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Which version of Wireshark is running on each system? Are your Wireshark preferences the same on both systems? On my Windows 7 64-bit PC, I tested with Wireshark versions 1.99.2, 1.12.3, 1.10.7 and 1.8.7, and for frame 99 I get 336 bytes of "Decrypted CCMP data", broken out as:

Logical-Link Control (llc):         8 bytes
Internet Protocol Version 4 (ip):  20 bytes
User Datagram Protocol (udp):       8 bytes
Bootstrap Protocol (bootp):       300 bytes
TOTAL:                            336 bytes

When not encrypted, all versions show 344 bytes, with 4 trailing bytes of 2c a8 94 27 not highlighted, so presumably those bytes are just padding. The 4 bytes of 00 00 00 00 preceding the data are decoded as part of the 8 bytes comprising the "CCMP Ext. Initialization Vector".

I don't have a Mac to compare, and I can't say if 344 or 348 is correct. If there's some bug with the Windows version, it looks like it's been there for quite a while.

(30 Jan '15, 08:37) cmaynard ♦♦
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