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I have Windows Seven Home Prenium, fresh installed. When I choose a interface and start a capture, I have this error : The temporary file to which the capture would be saved ("") could not be opened: Permission denied.

What I tried : 1) I checked the global variables TMP and TEMP. It's okay (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp;) I wireshark, About, Folder tab, there is the \Local\Temp folder. 2) I gave all the rights on the Local/Temp for the Guest user, all user etc. 3) My Windows account has the administrator rights 4) I ran the executable as administrator (click right etc.) 5) I installed wireshark (x86 or x64) as administrator, same problem... 6) I tried to install wireshark 1.99...same problem

How can I solve my problem ?

Thank you

asked 14 Feb '15, 17:40

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In the Help -> About Wireshark -> Folders dialog, the Temp folder should be an absolute path, i.e. I have C:\Users\grahamb\AppData\Local\Temp and the Wireshark Temp folder tracks the environment variable "TEMP".

Try opening a command prompt, check the value of the environment var TEMP (echo %TEMP%) adjust if necessary to be an absolute path and then run Wireshark from that command prompt.

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answered 15 Feb '15, 01:56

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I rebooted my computer and now it's work. there is now a new folder named "Temp;" with the char ";". => "AppData\Local\Temp;"

Problem fixed Thank you

(15 Feb '15, 11:15) Nico128

Hi Sirs,

I got the same problem today with the error message.

Even though I use "echo %TEMP%" and it shows the same path as I see in the help dialog, there's still the same error message. Then I tried this:

  1. Go to edit the path of environment variable "TEMP", make it to be "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp1". Then the error disappears when I run Wireshark.
  2. Reboot (I'm not sure if need to do this)
  3. Make the "TEMP" path back to "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp" and open the porgram. The wireshark works now as normal.

BTW, I got this problem because I used ramdisk and move my "TEMP" to it. When I removed the ramdisk and recoverd the path of "TEMP", it occurs.

Hope this post can save people who have the same problem with me.



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answered 04 Jan '17, 06:07

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