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I am developing custom dissector and i was haing issues on reassembly.

with help from PASCAL i have found my reassembly is not working because of if(tree) and if i remove if(tree) i can able to open my pcap file only in debug mode (Edit -> preference -> console window = always debugging). and i can able to see my reassembly successful. but not in normal mode.

i ran MSVC debugger and found the error in trees

in dissect function under if(tree)

iam calling functions i have 8+ different functions. in debuggger i could see all my sub trees and other trees returning error

 ALL trees getting CXX0030 ERROR
 Mnt tree 0x00000000  null pointer.
 First child ????
 Last child ????
 Next ????
 Parent ????
 Fino ???? 
 Data ????

All the trees have this same error.

my code is some thing like this

         dissect function {

                                if (tree){
                                        call function1(passed tree);
                                        call function2(passed tree);
               function1 (){
                               used tree 
                               created subtree
                               function3 (passed subtree)

                     used tree 
                     created subtree
                     function4 (passed subtree)
         function 4(){
                          reassembly code here..

I have used wireshark build 1.11.3 and also i hae tried 1.12.3 both are getting same issue .

Some one please suggest what i can do with this ? any suggestions to oercome from this.


asked 27 Feb '15, 04:10

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