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Hi there,

My pc is not configured by IPv6 address scheme and not my network also. So why I am getting IPv6 packets.

asked 27 Feb '15, 06:37

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How have you determined your PC and all the devices in your network are not configured for IPv6?

What is your PC OS?

(27 Feb '15, 06:47) grahamb ♦

Thanks for your reply...actually i am a novice....win7 32b is my OS...My ISP gave my IPv4 why I getting IPv6 packets...I am on LAN side using private every session must be initiate by I correct?....If yes, then I supposed not to get IPv6 packets....Waiting for your reply....Thanks again

(27 Feb '15, 08:57) madhuguptask

Most current OS's, and I include Win 7 in that, come IPv6 ready so although you don't have an IPv6 internet connection you can use IPv6 internally between your devices.

The traffic you are likely seeing is generated by the devices likely looking for IPv6 DHCP servers or Neighbour Solicitation requests or LLNMR queries. Nothing to worry about.

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answered 27 Feb '15, 09:19

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grahamb ♦
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Thanks a lot.

(28 Feb '15, 01:15) madhuguptask

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(28 Feb '15, 02:47) grahamb ♦
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