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Is the specification posted anywhere for the PPI Vendor Field 30,002 GPS Tagging

Wirshark is able to display this field:

The original author's page is currently down:

Does the wireshark team have a copy of the specification?


asked 06 Mar '15, 07:27

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Apparently the PPI-GEOLOCATION spec was developed by an employee of Harris, Jon Ellch.

So, maybe it's best to contact him or Harris to get the specs. Unfortunately the link to the "supporting material" is dead.

See also here:

For a gmail address of the spec author, see here:


permanent link

answered 09 Mar '15, 14:22

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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edited 09 Mar '15, 14:25

I was able to reach out to the SPEC author and he provided me with the latest SPEC document, it's currently in PDF format - how can we best archive it in the Wireshark repository and/or wiki such that other members in the community may have access to it?

(14 Mar '15, 07:59) Dye986

Best way would be to create an entry for PPI-GEOLOCATION on and attach the file to that entry, provided the author of the spec allows pbulic publishing the document.

(19 Mar '15, 14:32) Kurt Knochner ♦
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