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Is there a setting to prevent Wireshark to check the CD/DVD drive when launching? If I do not use my DVD drive, Wireshark launches with no errors. However, if I use my DVD drive and try to launch Wireshark, I receive the following error: "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive D:" This error is displayed even when not accessing a Wireshark file on the DVD. For example, the DVD has JPEG files. I open some files on the DVD. I then remove the DVD and launch Wireshark. The "No Disk" error is then displayed.

asked 24 Mar '15, 09:04

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Maybe you've got a trace file link to your DVD drive in your recent files list? Can you clear those in "File -> Recent Files -> Clear" and try again?

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answered 24 Mar '15, 09:27

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Jasper ♦♦
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Hi Jasper - I just tested it and the error still occurs. My procedure used for testing: 1. Launch Wireshark and go to "File -> Open Recent -> Clear recent files" 2. Quit Wireshark 3. Load a DVD and open a text file 4. Launch Wireshark. Error is displayed. The only way to get rid of the error from displaying whenever launching Wireshark is to reboot the computer.

(24 Mar '15, 09:47) Amato_C

In your question your removed the DVD before launching Wireshark, in this comment you have still a text file open on the DVD. Difference in use case?

(25 Mar '15, 07:29) Jaap ♦

Sorry - I forgot a few steps. 3(a). Close text file that was launched from DVD directory. 3(b). Remove DVD from PC. After removing the DVD, there are no other DVD's placed within the drive. When launching Wireshark, I receive the error: "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive D:" - where drive D: is my DVD drive. This error is seen even after clearing the recent files within Wireshark: File->Open Recent->Clear recent files

(25 Mar '15, 07:45) Amato_C

One other thing I can think of is the File Open dialog. Wireshark remembers what the last path was which was used to open a file. Does that still point to the DVD? The value is also stored in your 'recent' file under the key gui.fileopen_remembered_dir.

(26 Mar '15, 02:39) Jaap ♦

Both values (File Open dialog and gui.fileopen_remembered_dir) are both set to my hard-drive (C:/) before and after inserting a DVD in the DVD drive. Also, after removing the DVD in the DVD drive, these values are still set to the hard drive (C:/). I am beginning to think it is a Windows issue?

(02 Apr '15, 09:07) Amato_C
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