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Hi, I want to log the total amount of traffic generated by each operation between my application and the database. It has to be an automatic log controlled by the application itself.

I was wondering if Wireshark let me do something like that:

command 1:start listening port x; command 2:return the traffic amount; command 3:reset the traffic amount;

My application must have full control of WHEN to start the counting, WHEN to stop, and to get the total ammount of data.

My goal is to make an automated Java Test case, that checks for each test, if the traffic usage is above a specified threshold.

is that possible?

asked 13 May '11, 16:05

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Jean Baldessar
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Wireshark is intended for detailed packet inspection. What you're looking for is more like what programs like ntop provides.

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answered 16 May '11, 06:31

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Jaap ♦
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If you are only interested in network volume, you can read the network interface statistics between each call and calculate the differences...

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answered 17 May '11, 17:03

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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