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Hi i have Ublox Leon G100 i would like to find out how to get a interface for it i am running Kali Linux. the ublox has a Serial port and usb i can send sms and receive sms i can make voice calls and receive voice calls but i cant analyze any of it with out a interface

asked 07 Apr '15, 03:56

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If I understand you correctly, you are trying to capture the 2G GSM/GPRS protocol messages as define in 3GPP specifications, right? If yes it requires some specific logging function inside your modem and you will not be able to capture them with a standard Linux interface.

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answered 07 Apr '15, 06:33

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Pascal Quantin
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Thanks so much for the replay. I have a program called M-Center from UBlox that works 100% on any windows system my goal is to see what information i can pick up from sending a text message (SMS) to a mobile device and see if i can identify its cell id from a force return message i know i can find the LAC but i am not sure about the cell id do you have any suggested interface for me

(07 Apr '15, 08:30) BadBoy

If you have access to a serial port allowing you to send AT commands, you can look at the ouput of CREG command when using n=2:


then do


And the ouput should be

+CREG: <stat>[,[<lac>],[<ci>],[<act>]]

See 3GPP 27.007 specification for details.

(07 Apr '15, 11:26) Pascal Quantin

the AT+CEREG=2 gives me a Error =(

(08 Apr '15, 01:14) BadBoy

Sorry I did a typo and wanted to type AT+CREG=2; AT+CREG? and not AT+CEREG (that is used for LTE modems). According to this command is supported so it should give you the GSM cell identity.

(08 Apr '15, 01:33) Pascal Quantin

Seriously ! ! ! OMG your haven sent ! lol i been thru that site a good number of times got a lot of PDF's but i its the 1st time seeing this one THANKS a Billion

(08 Apr '15, 05:50) BadBoy

i have all the codes i would ever need but i don't have any idea how to send them to a mobile device for example


The manual does not give any clear examples where do we in put the cell phone number and how will it return what am i missing ?

(08 Apr '15, 09:00) BadBoy

You must type "AT+CREG?", not "AT+CREG=?"

(08 Apr '15, 09:36) Pascal Quantin

I must be doing some thing wrong i cant send any commands it keeps sending them to the ublox and it only replays with OK or ERROR i am looking in to PDU and APDU right now maybe i can send and request it thru HEX messages

(09 Apr '15, 01:06) BadBoy

I have a USRP can i scan GSM packets with it in airprobe and scan airprobe with wireshark for example but how will i get a fixed signal on the ublox ?

(09 Apr '15, 03:22) BadBoy
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