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hi, everyone Plz, help me solve this tricky problem, making me suffering for almost one week.

How to make streaming video suffering packet loss?

Switch: Pica8 3290

Computer: core i7 2600, 8GB

OS(sever&host): Ubuntu 14.04

Link: 100Mps

Streaming video : VLC with RTP Streming(1080P、4K)

I've tried "iperf", "iperf3" and "Packeth" to generate UDP packets. However, these 3 sofwares seem to measure the residual capacity of the link first and then send the amount of the packets fit the capacity.

E.g.: (No Video streaming) iperf send almost 100Mps (With video streaming) iperf only send almost 70Mbps Thus, these packet generator won't help me to make the streaming video suffering serious loss. (What I want is make huge traffic and make the streaming suffering terrible loss and delay)

So, how can I create "congestion" and make the video streaming packets loss ?

Truly appreciate your help!!

asked 07 Apr '15, 10:10

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Shine Hsu
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edited 07 Apr '15, 11:24

If your source or destination is on linux you can try: "tc" or "tc-ng" . You can create delay or packet loss. It's just little complicated to understand. But just google it and you will find answer....

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answered 07 Apr '15, 11:06

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Thanks for the reply. So, what u mean is that Linux limit packet generator(low priority) and the media streaming has the higher priority ? (but, i didn't do any modifications before Linux won't cheat all the traffic the same?)

(07 Apr '15, 11:31) Shine Hsu

btw, i used individual computers, one as host(receiver), one as packet generator to test if the large traffic generated by iperf make the streaming packet loss.

however, the outcomes didn't look so....

(07 Apr '15, 11:41) Shine Hsu
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