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Hi, I am using lates wireshark together with lua 5.2 dll and ZeroBrane Master from GIT to debug lua scripts.

I have set the Path to the ZeroBrane EduKit to fix a lua socket problem with lua 5.2.

After copy the lua 5.2 dll into the wireshark folder, fixing the problem with the lua path and socket error I was able to start the script and debug. However the Listener object is not instantiated. The watch expression shows: Listener = "bad argument #1 to ? (userdata expected, got table)" I assume that is related to version missmatch between lua 5.2 dll and debugger mobdeug but I an not able to find a working setup.

Anyone have had the same problem and was able to fix it?

A Zip or portable with running wireshark, lua and ZeroBrane to debug lua scripts for wireshark would be very appreciated.

Thank you,



_G.debug = require("debug")

local function menuable_tap()
    -- Declare the window we will use
    local tw ="Address Counter")

    -- This will contain a hash of counters of appearances of a certain address
    local ips = {}

    -- this is our tap
    local tap =, "ip")

    function remove()
            -- this way we remove the listener that otherwise will remain running indefinitely

    -- we tell the window to call the remove() function when closed

    -- this function will be called once for each packet
    function tap.packet(pinfo,tvb)
            local src = ips[tostring(pinfo.src)] or 0
            local dst = ips[tostring(pinfo.dst)] or 0
            ips[tostring(pinfo.src)] = src + 1
            ips[tostring(pinfo.dst)] = dst + 1

    -- this function will be called once every few seconds to update our window
    function tap.draw(t)
            for ip,num in pairs(ips) do
                    tw:append(ip .. "\t" .. num .. "\n");

    -- this function will be called whenever a reset is needed
    -- e.g. when reloading the capture file
    function tap.reset()
            ips = {}

-- using this function we register our function
-- to be called when the user selects the Tools->Test->Packets menu
register_menu("Test/Packets", menuable_tap, MENU_TOOLS_UNSORTED)

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