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i installed it /usr/include/gtk-3.0/ /usr/include/gtk-2.0/ seen something where configure is looking in /opt for it ? configure: error: Neither Qt nor GTK+ 2.12.0 or later are available, so Wireshark can't be compiled ./configure --without-qt cant use qt because of an error with qreal = float tossing an error no matching function for call to 'qBound(double, qreal&, double)'

this is a pain lol

more information

[email protected]:/usr/lib/pkgconfig# pkg-config --list-all | grep gtk
avahi-ui-gtk3                       avahi-ui - Avahi Multicast DNS Responder (Common GTK3 UI support)
libcanberra-gtk3                    libcanberra-gtk3 - Gtk3 Event Sound API
gtk+-3.0                            GTK+ - GTK+ Graphical UI Library
gtk+-unix-print-2.0                 GTK+ - GTK+ Unix print support
javascriptcoregtk-3.0               JavaScriptCoreGTK+ - GTK+ version of the JavaScriptCore engine
webkitgtk-3.0                       WebKit - Web content engine for GTK+
gtk+-x11-2.0                        GTK+ - GTK+ Graphical UI Library (x11 target)
indicate-gtk3-0.7                   libindicate-gtk3 - Helpers for libindicate that require GTK+ dependencies.
gtk+-unix-print-3.0                 GTK+ - GTK+ Unix print support
dbusmenu-gtk3-0.4                   libdbusmenu-gtk3 - libdbusmenu-gtk3.
gtk+-x11-3.0                        GTK+ - GTK+ Graphical UI Library
gtk+-2.0                            GTK+ - GTK+ Graphical UI Library (x11 target)

i see gtk+-3.0 there but wireshark dont see it ?

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You probably need to install development packages for GTK+ 2.x or 3.x, whichever one you want to use - it will probably have a name with "gtk+" and "dev" or "devel" in it.

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answered 04 May '15, 19:58

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