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I use wireshark to debug msrp traffic. For some msg I got the following expert info:

Malformed Packet (Exception occured)

Severity level: Error

Group: Malformed

The msrp msg is fragmented into 2 segments. First segment has the malformed error. Second frame is not recognized as MSRP and only rendered as TCP frame.

Problem is that the msrp data in both frames is not accessible in wireshark.

Can you see why the 1st msg is malformed and why the 2nd msg is not recognized as msrp?

Thank you

Frame 1

To-Path: msrp://priv.ip.addr.rem:port/n38s00i7t0+74003;tcp
From-Path: msrp://priv.ip.addr.rem:port/cboter5ltNeG;tcp

Frame 2

Message-ID: b7NgfwQfPn8Jx
Success-Report: no
Failure-Report: yes
Byte-Range: 1-560/560
Content-Type: message/cpim

From: <sip: [email protected]>
To: <sip: [email protected]>
DateTime: 2015-05-13T15:04:08Z
NS: imdn <urn:ietf:params:imdn>
imdn.Message-ID: Hr1BCcvDlKmJRpDryyKTDJ4OZpkR
Content-Disposition: notification

Content-type: message/imdn+xml
Content-Length: 274

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<imdn xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:imdn">


asked 13 May '15, 08:18

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After double checking the code, it appears that MSRP dissector does not take into account TCP fragmentation. Could you fill a bug on with a sample pcap attached?

permanent link

answered 13 May '15, 09:29

Pascal%20Quantin's gravatar image

Pascal Quantin
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Pascal, I have opened bug with the hope that it will be fixed soon.

Thank you.

Kindest rgds,


(21 May '15, 05:23) supisupi
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