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For months now, my Android phoneppe never stod showing the "Downloading" indicator on WiFi icon, even while it was locked, with no apps running and without using network resources. So, I supposed that one of my devices on my network is broadcasting packets all the time, and I installed Wireshark on my machines to see what's happening (1 Win7 Laptop, 2 Win7 PCs working as servers, 1 Win8.1 Laptop).

"Name query NB ACER<1c>"

All of my Windows machines broadcast this message every 2 seconds. And yes, my Win7 Laptop is named "ACER", but when others send 1 packet per 2 seconds, my ACER Laptop is sending "Name query NB ACER<1c>" 10 times per 2 seconds! It queries it's own name, five more times than my other devices.

Is there a way to find the reason that these packets are being send all the time and killing my phone's battery?

Thanks in advance.

asked 14 May '15, 04:28

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If you don't need NetBIOS you can disable it under the adapter properties > IPv4 > Advanced > WINS.

The queries can be generated by the OS (PID 4 - System) or by some software that you have installed. Check with:

netstat -ano -p UDP | findstr 137

If it is System look at your network locations / sharing profile.

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answered 15 May '15, 06:33

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