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According to Wireshark documentation I've read, no further modifications is required to package Wireshark Portable (using "packaging_papps"). As of v1.12.5, I'm finding that, even though all custom plugins are included when creating a standard installer, only the default plugins are packaged for the version.

Help on ways to investigate this will be greatly appreciated.

asked 14 May '15, 13:37

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Perhaps, someone can explain what the line "!addplugindir "${EXTRA_PLUGINS}" is doing in Installer.nsi?

(15 May '15, 07:12) coloncm

If you closely follow the various README files (at the very least, README.developer, README.dissector and README.plugin) as well as the Wireshark developer's guide, you should be able to successfully compile and package your plugins without having to do anything else.

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answered 15 May '15, 07:40

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I have no problems with the custom plugins on standard packaging (Windows Installers). It is with the PortableApps package in that it's not including the custom plugins. Will it have anything to do with the use/inclusion of a custom_plugins.txt file instead of literally listing them on the Section "Dissector plugins" of the Wireshark.nsi file?

(15 May '15, 08:06) coloncm

Possibly. Mine are still listed directly in the wireshark.nsi file because they were developed prior to the custom_plugins.txt file even being available and I never bothered to change it.

(15 May '15, 08:09) cmaynard ♦♦

Good to know. I'll test that and see what happens.

(15 May '15, 08:13) coloncm

Well, it appears that your instincts were dead on. My re-compilation and repackaging the portable now included the custom plugins. So, there seems to be an issue with using the inclusion of the customs_plugins.txt file on the Wireshark.nsi file when packaging for PortableApps. I might even be a path issue. I'll investigate further and I'll report it if it's not the case. Thank you.

(15 May '15, 08:36) coloncm
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