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Hi guys,

maybe you can help me out with this: I recently installed the Acrylic NDIS driver which comes with their free WiFi scanner in order to find out whether my NIC is capable of capturing in promiscuous mode. Unfortunately it wasn't and so I uninstalled the software again. Virtually unaffected Wireshark keeps displaying a warning after starting saying "Failed to open Airpcap adapters". I already re-installed Wireshark but it seems like there is still something left on my system which misleads Wireshark to have an Airpcap NIC attached.

Any idea how to solve this apart from a fresh Windows install? ;)

Cheers, Simon

asked 18 May '15, 23:43

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have you installed the newest version of the software again with deselection all adapter related options? By the way it worked correct for me only on Win7 32bit with the Netgear AC6200.

(19 May '15, 01:06) Christian_R

Hi Christian,

unfortunately it doesn't work for me :( Wireshark keeps complaining about a missing Airpcap adapter...

(19 May '15, 08:10) SimonL

I did install it to try it out, and saw the same error messages, but I can't remember what I did to fix the issue. I certainly didn't reinstall my OS.

Try looking for airpcap.dll on your system.

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answered 19 May '15, 08:15

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grahamb ♦
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Cite: "Wireshark support: The Acrylic driver installs a library called airpcap.dll on the folder system32. With this file you can emulate that tools like Wireshark believe that any WiFi card is an Airpcap, and from this moment on we can capture WiFi traffic on Windows with Wireshark. The only requirement is to start Wireshark as manager."

(19 May '15, 12:07) Kurt Knochner ♦

Thank you guys, must have missed that section :)

(20 May '15, 23:37) SimonL
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