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Does anyone nkow of a quick and easy way to stop a user accidentally opening multiple Wireshark Sessions on the same box. In our example an admin selected 20 files for deletion but accidentally hit open. 20 Wireshark sessions tried to open at once and the box just halted. A reboot was the only solution - how do we prevent that happening again?

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asked 27 May '11, 05:36

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One "dirty" way of doing this would be to dissociate wireshark from any file extension so it won't be started with a double click on a file name or accidentally selects "open" in the rightclick list.

But I guess you will have some user complaints when you do that ;-)

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answered 27 May '11, 14:57

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As far as I know that kind of functionality (checking for "program already running") is something that needs to be coded into the program itself. I'm not sure how fast a thing like that would be added if you'd request it as a feature, but you might still try and ask for it on the bugzilla tracker.

If you want to mimic that kind of functionality you could write a batch script that is used to run Wireshark instead of calling Wireshark directly. In that script you could write a "lock file" that gets deleted after Wireshark is closed and returns control to the script. If you start a second session the script needs to check if the lock file exists and exit if it does. Problem could be that the lock file might remain on disk if you terminate the script abnormaly, but it would be easy to fix - just delete the lock file manually. Don't forget to make the script the default program when opening capture files, otherwise it will be bypassed by the OS.

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answered 27 May '11, 15:02

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