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Hi. I am new to Wireshark and want to track a singnal sent from my computer to an Engine.

My Problem is that the Binding Request spams my tracking Protocoll. Is there an option so the binding request is not displayed anymore?

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asked 28 May '15, 02:12

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You can either filter as you capture with a capture filter, or in the display with a display filter.

Using a capture filter you can limit the capture to only your "tracking protocol" by using something distinctive such as a host address or tcp\udp port or a protocol.

A display filter can either either filter out unwanted data, or restrict to only wanted data.

You can read about capture filters here, and display filters here.

If you give more information about the protocol you want and the protocol you don't want (i.e. the actual protocol names), then we can maybe give you suggestions for a filter.

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answered 28 May '15, 03:53

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grahamb ♦
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I want to apply a filter, so i do not see the binding requests.

alt text

(28 May '15, 03:53) Bishop

OK, it seems as though your data is being mistakenly dissected as CLASSIC_STUN. In this case you can't filter it out, you must disable the incorrect dissection.

If you look down the protocol tree down a bit more below "Internet Protocol Version 4" you should see a line for CLASSIC_STUN. Right click that and select "Disable Protocol...".

(28 May '15, 04:56) grahamb ♦

thank you. it worked

(01 Jun '15, 01:28) Bishop

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(01 Jun '15, 01:54) grahamb ♦

ok so now everything that was taged as classic_stun is now taged as TCP. so i still do see the crap. may be you could help me another time. In the attached image you can see one TCP "massage". I Want to apply a filter, so i only track the source and only massages that are not classic_stun. is that possible in any way? To discribe the problem I have a set up including a PC and an Engine which is controlled by the pc with an ethercat conection. I must track the commands send by the pc to the engine to make it move. alt text

(01 Jun '15, 02:54) Bishop

I think I've misunderstood your question. I thought the data you wanted to see was being incorrectly shown as CLASSIC_STUN?

Can you show an example of the data you do want? It's usually much easier to create a filter for wanted traffic.

(01 Jun '15, 03:08) grahamb ♦
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