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Hi NG,

I trying to trace an iperf test with Wireshark v1.12.5 to see if we got issues on our network.

I started with a 10 seconds trace. After the 10 seconds I stopped the trace, looked for the senders/receivers communication and clicked "follow tcp stream".

Wireshark starts counting the packets which are involved (128862 in my test) and then shows the list of packets. Once I want to scroll or click on any packet Wireshark freezes and will never return. I did a test and let Wireshark run for 15 minutes in this state to see if anything is happening but if keeps the freezed state.

To keep the Wireshark file small I limited the each packet to 128 bytes.

Any idea how I can get Wireshark to work?



asked 09 Jun '15, 02:30

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Looks like a processing issue to me. What I don't get is why you try to use "Follow TCP stream" if you cut the packets at 128 bytes anyway - following the TCP stream only makes sense if you want to take a look at the combined payload, and that's not relevant in your case if I understand your motivation correctly.

If you want to isolate a TCP connection, use the popup menu to filter on "Conversation Filter" -> "TCP" instead. This avoids Wireshark trying to reassemble the payloads and should work every time.

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answered 09 Jun '15, 02:36

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Jasper ♦♦
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Hi Jasper,

thanks for your fast reply.

2 observations:

1st: I guess you're right with your assumption. The conversation filter does work out fine for me.

2nd: I checked again at my Wireshark process I left behind an hour ago. It finally returned from freez state and displays the tcp stream I selected. I believe there was just too much data to reassemble in a quick manner.

Thanks again.


(09 Jun '15, 03:09) JogDial

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