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I haven't found a question on this, however please let me know if there's a dupe of this.

I have several network interfaces on my system - virtual network interfaces for VMs (vmnet##), Ethernet interface for wired (eth0), and a wireless interface (wlan0), not to mention USB and Localhost interfaces occasionally.

In Wireshark (I'm on 1.12.1), I occasionally use the 'Any' capture which captures everything. However, it gets confusing trying to ID the interface it goes out over.

Is there any way in the Wireshark GUI to identify the network interface as well when using the 'Any' capture that captures on all interfaces, so as being able to see the labels for the given interfaces the traffic is being received/sent through?

asked 14 Jun '15, 11:03

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Is there any way in the Wireshark GUI to identify the network interface as well when using the 'Any' capture

Currently, no. The capture code path would have to be changed so that, instead of a single record in the pcap-ng file for the "any" interface, it has a record for all the interfaces it sees, and so that each packet is marked as having come from the interface in question. This is doable, but would require some work on both libpcap and the dumpcap program.

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answered 14 Jun '15, 13:33

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OK, so that answers that one. Thanks for the prompt response.

(15 Jun '15, 05:40) teward

You can see in Packet Details in the Frame Section: alt text

The Id you can see in the Interfacelist alt text

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answered 14 Jun '15, 11:51

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Thanks, but I mean an easier, friendlier method, such as displaying the friendly name in a column or such...

(14 Jun '15, 12:16) teward
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