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Pretty simple question. I'm running 1.12.5 on Windows. Is there a way to clear the packet list on a live capture? I often find myself having to stop/start the trace in order to clear the packet list, and I have optimized this process down to a single click per operation. But I also run the risk of missing interesting packets if the timing is unfortunate. Also, this is an annoying number of clicks when I have the "Confirm unsaved capture files feature enabled". I want to keep this enabled for my own protection, but it would be nice to have a simple button (or key combination) to perform this action in one step so I don't risk missing any packets.


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Have you tried the "Restart running capture" button next to the Stop button? Clears the display and restarts the capture with no "save" prompt. Might still miss a packet though.

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answered 18 Jun '15, 08:27

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Um, no, embarrassed to say I haven't noticed that button before. That certainly does make it more efficient, and I will use it. I would like to see this feature, but I think the restart button is good enough for the majority of cases. Thanks!

(18 Jun '15, 08:32) smp

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