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Hi all,

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I want to know how to dissect LTE Small Cell Forum API (FAPI) messages using wireshark.

Thanks and Regards, Sathish

asked 24 Jun '15, 06:27

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Sathish kannan
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I have written a dissector for one flavour of FAPI, which in my case was sent out over a UDP port. The stack we used sent out frames that were close to, but not exactly, what you find in LTE+eNB+L1+API+Definition.pdf. It was very useful, in terms of tracking information forward from UL/DL config requests to the MAC PDUs (for which I filled in the PHY attributes then called the MAC dissector), and linking back from the HARQ status, and setting appropriate expert info. Of course the capture files were enormous (not helped by some questionable choices made in FAPI implementation we used).

So it can be done, but due to differences between different vendors' FAPI implementations, and possible issues with releasing GPL code specific to their implementations, I'm not sure if the code I wrote may be shared. It was not trivial, around 3,500 lines of code.

(24 Jun '15, 12:02) MartinM
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