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Team, How can I get the field "Originating VLAN (PVID)" to appear on my version of Wireshark? I am currently running 1.10.6 and a person who is running 1.12.1 gave me the file below and his capture does display such field. Does this have something to do with the version? Or is this something I can modify on Wireshark? Thanks in advance!!!

asked 30 Jun '15, 17:02

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Could you provide us the the trace at dropbox or cloudshark?

(30 Jun '15, 22:03) Christian_R

I will put it on a dropbox soon.

(01 Jul '15, 05:30) gaby8a

You basically gave the answer yourself. The main difference in BPDU dissection between 1.10 and 1.12 is this field. So moving on to 1.12 would help you in this regard.

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answered 01 Jul '15, 01:59

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Jaap ♦
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thank you guys. I had suspected it was a version issue, but I was not sure. Jaap, would you kindly direct me to where I can find this information? I want to know where I can find these things. I am still sort of a newbie with wireshark. Thanks.

(01 Jul '15, 05:31) gaby8a

Well, usually from release notes, but as stated for 1.12.0:

 2.6. Updated Protocol Support
 Too many protocols have been updated to list here.

It's hard to figure out. So, we go back to the source: packet-bpdu.c v1.10.6 vs packet-bpdu.c v1.12.1

(02 Jul '15, 04:31) Jaap ♦

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(02 Jul '15, 04:32) Jaap ♦
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