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Hi there,

I've got a little homework for a college course here.

We got a number assigned and have to create traffic that includes said number. We then have to capture that traffic with Wireshark and make a screenshot of the capture where our assigned numbers are visable.

I'm pretty new to Wireshark, I've only played around with it so far and am now looking for a bit of help on how to create that traffic and how to navigate through Wireshark to get the information I need.

Thanks in advance!

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The hardest part is definitely creating the traffic. Presumably the course covers network programming (or it is a prerequisite), and given that I would suggest you use UDP to send your "assigned" number somewhere (off the local machine, e.g. to your gateway modem\router. Use UDP as it doesn't require a "listening" connection at the other end as TCP does.

Then start Wireshark, select the interface to capture on, start the capture, run your application to send the UDP data, stop the capture, use a display filter for "udp.port=xxx", where xxx is the destination port used in your application, see your data, job done.

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I see. Thank you very much. I'm gonna see how far I get and report back later.

(02 Jul '15, 09:14) Seby

Well, it worked like a charm! I sent a package (I put the number in as the package name) to my router and found it in Wireshark. I just don't know under what section I have to look in Wireshark to find the number again.

EDIT: Nevermind! I found the number. I'm surprised it was actually that easy. Again thank you very much for your help.

(02 Jul '15, 09:26) Seby
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