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I ran through the development guide to setup up a wireshark development environment on my windows 7 computer.

I have the wireshark 1.12.6 code on my computer in c:\development\wireshark

verify_tools and setup complete fine.

When running make all I get the following error:

bash -o igncr tools/ "./COPYING" wireshark-gtk2
unix2dos: wireshark-gtk2/COPYING.txt: Permission denied
unix2dos: converting file wireshark-gtk2/COPYING.txt to DOS format...
unix2dos: problems converting file wireshark-gtk2/COPYING.txt
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.EXE' : return code '0xd'

asked 02 Jul '15, 10:41

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edited 02 Jul '15, 12:14

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Guy Harris ♦♦


What is your cygwin version (uname -a in a cygwin bash shell)? I've just run into this after a cygwin update

(02 Jul '15, 11:00) grahamb ♦

CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW BIGBADBYTE 2.0.4(0.287/5/3) 2015-06-09 12:20 i686 Cygwin

(02 Jul '15, 11:04) bigbadbyte

What happens if you remove the COPYING.txt file from the wireshark-gtk2 directory and try to build it again?

(02 Jul '15, 15:02) Guy Harris ♦♦

Are you sure the command prompt has an admin access?

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answered 02 Jul '15, 13:10

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Dang it. That was it.

I had it building previously and then went back and tried to do it again and I forgot to run the command prompt from admin. Thanks.

(06 Jul '15, 08:47) bigbadbyte

Interesting, I've never (intentionally that is) run my command prompts with elevated permissions. Was that intentional originally?

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(06 Jul '15, 09:25) grahamb ♦
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