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why i can't see the decrypted text that server reply for the first post request? The seccond post is visible :/

alt text

asked 12 Jul '15, 05:43

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The first POST resulted in a server reply consisting of many TCP segments, many of which arrive out of order, whereas the second post gets only 2 segments that arrive in order.
It looks like wireshark is having trouble to reassemble the first reply.
Under Edit-Preferences-Protocols-TCP you can uncheck the 'Allow dissectors to reassemble TCP streams' and wireshark will show you the segment that contains the HTTP OK message. alt text

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answered 12 Jul '15, 22:57

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But i can't see it decompresed .. if I export the stream to C array how can i know witch order is the right one(for concatenate)?

(13 Jul '15, 06:55) Vladimir21

"Follow TCP Stream", which I believe is what you are trying, does not decompress the content!

(13 Jul '15, 08:38) Kurt Knochner ♦

So this question is about decompressing the gzip-ed http content of the first POST request? As per
And the reply to the second post is also Content-Encoding: gzip ?

(13 Jul '15, 10:04) mrEEde

i use "Follow TCP Stream" to export all the reply to hex array for C++ to concatenate all of them to just one(to manual inflate gzip).

Booth of the request are to the same page (diferent post value) .. first reply contain a big text and i'm unable to see it .. seccond reply i can see the un-gziped text

(13 Jul '15, 13:07) Vladimir21
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