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I'm trying to use wireshark but if I open the program, it closed it self immediately. Doesn't know if I have to install something else in order to make it work. My system: Mac os X 10.10.3

Thanks to everyone who can help me :-)

asked 14 Jul '15, 20:14

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What version of Wireshark is this?

If it's not 1.99.x, what's printed if you open up Terminal and run ls -l d/usr/X11?

If it's 1.99.x, or if it's not and ls -ld /usr/X11 reports something like

lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  8 May 24 11:49 /usr/X11 -> /opt/X11

(the date and time may be different), does it pop up a crash report message when it crashes? If so, what does it say? If not, if you open Console, in Utilities, and look under User Diagnostic Reports, are there any for Wireshark? If so, what do they say?

(14 Jul '15, 21:52) Guy Harris ♦♦

I have similar problems and opened a bug for it:

(15 Jul '15, 04:51) jmayer

@jmayer 1) that's a hang, not a crash and 2) you built it yourself, with a Qt you installed in /usr/local, so there may be a difference, especially if TrueVegas is using 1.12.x (in which case I suspect ls -ld /usr/X11 will report that there's "No such file or directory").

(15 Jul '15, 11:17) Guy Harris ♦♦

@Guy Harris No I have no report and I tried to execute the second line commands with the same output you said (but obviously different date) In console no Wiresharks logs, maybe I'm talking about a crash but it is not really a crash?

(16 Jul '15, 10:09) TrueVegas

OK, so what was printed when you ran ls -ld /usr/X11?

(16 Jul '15, 11:47) Guy Harris ♦♦
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