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I am developing an application to send a query from one database to another. I am wondering if it is possible to use an API to capture XML messages.

asked 07 Jun '11, 06:27

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Why do you want to use an API? I would use Wireshark to capture the communication and then look through the decode. If your XML messages are plain ASCII you should also be able to spot it when using "Follow TCP stream" on a packet of the communication flow.

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answered 07 Jun '11, 06:31

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Jasper ♦♦
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I am trying to show it in a user-friendly way to prove that there is actually information going across. I am afraid that your suggestion might not be user-friendly enough.

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(07 Jun '11, 06:39) mbands2

Correct, it's not exactly user friendly, but if you're required to prove that your solution works its the most exact way to do that. Why do you need it to be "user friendly"? Proving that something works usually doesn't require a user to check.

(07 Jun '11, 06:53) Jasper ♦♦

I need to display it in a way that non-computer savy people would be able to understand it, if that makes sense?

(07 Jun '11, 06:56) mbands2

Okay, for that you'd probably need to write a program that uses WinPCAP/LibPCAP and parses the incoming frames for the XML structures you're sending. That way you can present it whichever way you think is best for your users. Unfortunately I haven't written a progam like that myself yet, so my expertise in that area is slim at best. Maybe someone of the developers around here can help you out.

(07 Jun '11, 06:59) Jasper ♦♦

Thanks a lot!

(07 Jun '11, 07:26) mbands2

Do you know anything about JPcap? it is a java library for capturing and sending network packets. I'm not sure if it is customizable.

(07 Jun '11, 07:42) mbands2
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