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Troubleshooting an arp issue. Need to capture just a specific mac to see if and when it's requesting arp. Need to see both TX/RX frames.

Looking for assistance with building the tshark filter

Thanks in advance

asked 30 Jul '15, 06:23

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eth.addr == "MAC address"


eth.addr == fe:ff:20:00:01:00

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answered 30 Jul '15, 06:42

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Thank you.

(30 Jul '15, 07:03) Amato_C

tshark -i eth4 eth.addr == fe:ff:20:00:01:00 Running as user "root" and group "root". This could be dangerous. Capturing on eth4 tshark: Invalid capture filter: "eth.addr == fe:ff:20:00:01:00"!

This is what i get when attempting that filter? Is there an option that needs to be set ?

(30 Jul '15, 14:33) cfrass66


tshark -i eth4 -f ether host fe:ff:20:00:01:00

(30 Jul '15, 15:17) Amato_C

The reason for the error was that the original form is in display filter syntax.

The second form is in capture filter syntax, which is the default syntax if not prefixed with a flag on the tshark command line.

(30 Jul '15, 15:47) grahamb ♦

Thank you guys!

tshark -i eth4 -f "ether host 08:81:f4:eb:81:4a"

(31 Jul '15, 15:42) cfrass66

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(01 Aug '15, 01:16) grahamb ♦
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