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I'd like to develop some enhancements to the Wireshark GUI, and I'm not sure what the best approach is.

The graph interface in Statistics -> IOGraphs is very helpful but I'd like to add on to that, perhaps have some more visualization that could be viewed side by side with the graph.

The stuff would be very specific to mobile development, so I'm not sure adding directly into WS is the best idea (or is it?)

Ideally I could have some plugin that users could download separately. Think of a firefox add-on.

Also, I've looked into LUA and I'm not sure if it has enough power for what I'm trying to do. The visualizations have to be just as robust, if not more, than the current graph feature.


asked 09 Jun '11, 02:19

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Jackson Zhou
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You'll need to code this directly in C and GTK in Wireshark (see the gtk/ directory in the source tree). Wireshark does not support GUI plugins (only protocol dissector plugins and file access--wiretap--plugins). The Lua API is for dissectors, not GUI work (AFAIK).

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answered 09 Jun '11, 06:48

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JeffMorriss ♦
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True. The Lua API is intended for writing dissectors, but it does have limited GUI support (not enough for graphs/visualization).

(10 Jun '11, 21:17) helloworld
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