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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum but I hope you can help me.

When I try to find Servers in different online games (ARK, DayZ SA,...) I find several servers when I start the game. But after about 400 servers I can't find any more servers. After refresh I can't find a single server. The network seems to be really busy since I can't access any Website while the game is still opened.

So I tried to find out what is going on and used Wireshark. As soon as the game stops I get a bunch of ICMP Destination unreachable entries.

Turning off my firewall didn't help. I also contacted my ISP but didn't get any reply yet.

I attached a picture, tell me if you need the Log file

I hope you can help me with this issue :)

Thanks! alt text

asked 04 Aug '15, 05:19

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Have you looked at the meaning of 'Communication Administratively Prohibited'? RFC 1812 states:

Routers SHOULD use Code 13 (Communication Administratively Prohibited) if they administratively filter packets.

This filtering may be dynamic, such as sending too much traffic of some kind, all depending on upstream policy.

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answered 04 Aug '15, 08:28

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Jaap ♦
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So its something only the provider can fix? Or is it some setting in my router? Its a FritzBOx 6340 Cable by the way...

(04 Aug '15, 09:22) th_ke

Upstream is any party between you and your destination, which may be multiple parties.

(05 Aug '15, 00:10) Jaap ♦

So how can this problem be solved? Do I have any influence on it at all?

(05 Aug '15, 00:14) th_ke

I'd start with a call to Kabel_BW.

(05 Aug '15, 02:19) DarrenWright

Tried it yesterday, no response until now...

(05 Aug '15, 02:57) th_ke
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