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I cloned the latest version I believed without tagging with any version, in Repostitory to clone: I would expect this will be the latest version 1_12_6? The plugin I modified and generated using win64 with this source code and it works fine when I opened the wireshark-gtk2. Frames are dissectable, etc... I built this code on a virtual machine. But when I used this generated dll on the released version 1_12_6 (win64) downloaded in my PC, I could not open the frames that used this dll. It works with generated code. Wireshark will not open and on Debug Console it stated: Err new_fi->hfinfo->type 27 (FT_PCRE) not handled. I googled and looked through some other people responses but could not shed light other than the source code maybe not the same version as the one I think I downloaded?. How do you figure out what source version you obtained when you cloned? And what does the Err really telling me. thanks in advance, Muriel This plugins is working on version 1.10.7 (win32).

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I think that path will clone the Wireshark development master, i.e. currently 1.99.x. You can check the version in your built copy of Wireshark from the Help > About Wireshark dialog, or directly from git with git branch --list, your current branch is indicated with "*". If it's "master" then that's the development branch.

To clone the wireshark-1.12.6 tag to build a plugin for use with Wireshark 1.12.6 you'll need to explicitly checkout the 1.12 tag in your repo: git checkout tags/wireshark-1.12.6. Clean your build directory first before switching, and then rebuild.

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answered 04 Aug '15, 15:04

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oh ok, thank you for the quick response. I will clone the 1.12.6.

(04 Aug '15, 15:55) christenmu

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