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How to find TCP version (TCP congestion avoidance algorithms) like TCP TAHOE,TCP VEGAS,TCP NEW RENO IN wireshark FILES

asked 10 Jun '11, 03:47

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Its not a value in the tcp headers, you can only tell by how the stack behaves. Watch for things like how the stack retransmits lost packets (Retransmission, Fast Retransmission, Selective Acknowledgement), how sessions are setup (with Window Scaling, Timestamps, MSS value etc.) and so on. For that you need to have a documentation which feature was introduced in which version, and you might be able to tell.

Or, if you see HTTP requests you can usually tell the OS from the HTTP headers (User Agent string), and lookup what stack that OS was built with.

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answered 10 Jun '11, 04:10

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Jasper ♦♦
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hello jasper thank you for your reply

is there any procedure to find which type of TCP version used in windows xp , smart phones


do i need to observe the TCP flow.

(10 Jun '11, 04:19) kumar86

Windows XP uses the New Reno stack according to

"Smart Phones" is a bit too generic to tell, but if you know the OS (iOS, Android, etc.) you might find something by googling for it.

(10 Jun '11, 05:02) Jasper ♦♦

hello Jasper

help me where can I find information regarding versions of smart phone {android ,windows mobile,iOS,Symbian .

(12 Jun '11, 05:39) kumar86

Not sure, I'd google for it and see if I can find anything. Android is linux based, so you might be able to deduct it (my Android has Kernel 2.6.35, just to give you a hint). The new Windows mobile might be build on Compound TCP but I have never checked. iOS is based on MacOS as far as I know, which is some kind of unix OS, but this is where you have to use the power of Google on your own :-)

(14 Jun '11, 12:19) Jasper ♦♦
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