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I've connected my embedded unit with Ethernet cable to my PC. When I start the transmission, the LED on my board starts blinking, so I know for a fact that packets are being transmitted and even when I send a packet from my application or Ostinato, boards receives and responses which again I can test through LEDs, but in all this process, no packets are being captured/displayed on Wireshark. I haven't used any kindof filter, installed fresh Wireshark (v.1.12.7, 32-bit).

Any suggestions/solution what should I do? Thanks in advance.

asked 17 Aug '15, 04:05

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What is your OS and which version and what is your 'embedded unit'?

(17 Aug '15, 04:51) Jaap ♦

Windows 7 32-bit OS, and by embedded unit I mean a Freescale board, point is packets doesn't show even if I send packets from Ostinato or any other application.

(17 Aug '15, 06:07) linktoankur

Removed all Firewall SW? (disable seems not to be enough...)

(17 Aug '15, 09:01) Jaap ♦

Yes, Firewall is Off as of now. Besides, before i checked all the Incoming and Outgoing Rules if my application was there, but there wasn't, so i created new rules which allowed everything. Still didn't work. So, finally i turned off the firewall. There are no antiviruses installed as well.

(17 Aug '15, 23:47) linktoankur

Do you see traffic in Wireshark while you are accessing the internet from your PC?

(18 Aug '15, 03:11) Kurt Knochner ♦

Have you tried turning off promiscuous mode?

At the main menu, click Capture Options and Uncheck Use Promiscuous mode on all interfaces.

(18 Aug '15, 16:07) NiCe85

Yes, i can see all the traffic when i use internet. Only when i connect to my embedded unit/board, i cannot see the packets.

(18 Aug '15, 23:10) linktoankur

O.K. then is the ethernet port you are connecting the embedded device to, the SAME/IDENTICAL port you are using to surf the internet?

(19 Aug '15, 13:50) Kurt Knochner ♦

Yes, same ethernet port, same cable (same cable used to work before). I tried with USB to Ethernet device also, that didn't work too.

(21 Aug '15, 03:31) linktoankur

Maybe you'll need to look at a lower level. How is the link established, as in auto-negotiated or fixed, how's the speed, how's the duplexity, etc.For instance fixed settings at one side and auto neg at the other gives effectively no link, even though it looks as there is.

(23 Aug '15, 03:19) Jaap ♦
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