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Hello! I am new to using Wireshark and I can not capture packets from other protocols PC'sa not (NBNS, ARP, LLMNR, BROWSER) The idea is to see HTTP, TCP.

I tell them I have a wired network, I hope it's the right place to ask the question because nowhere in this forum I found the answer.

I have a wired network as I said before with a PC that makes firewall, all Windows PC and from a wired notebook "" no wifi "" I'm running the Wireshark in promiscuous mode configured from the application, but I can not see above protocols.

clean the ARP table. What if my plate is not ethernet "I have a wired LAN" the need to force from my windows to work in promiscuous mode or monitor.

Am i doing something wrong? Only it works on WIFI? My plate will not be supported in monitor mode?

I hope you can help me and thank you for reading my post !!!!

asked 24 Aug '15, 08:35

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Did you read and follow the recommendations on the following Wiki page regarding capturing traffic on a wired network?

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answered 24 Aug '15, 10:47

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I would confirm that I'm taking a trace on the right interface. In Wireshark, click Capture > Interfaces and confirm you have enabled the trace on the interface that is getting the packets.

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answered 24 Aug '15, 11:45

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Sorry for the additional questions, but I am trying to understand your configuration.

  1. Are you trying to capture traffic on the same computer that is generating traffic? Or are you trying to capture traffic from another computer on the network?

  2. When you begin a capture in Wireshark, what interfaces do you see in the Capture -> Interfaces dialog box?

  3. Have you tried to start Wireshark, begin the capture on the interface that connects to your Ethernet LAN, open a web browser and go to a web page (for example

  4. After stopping the capture do you see any traffic such as ARP, DNS, ect.?

(24 Aug '15, 18:19) Amato_C
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