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I am opening/closing several capture files (originally captured in 1.6.0 too) using 1.6.0. I am just looking at summary statistics. It seems to be a frequent event for Wireshark to close with an error in libwireshark.dll v1.6.0.37592. This is getting rather frustrating to have to keep opening back up Wireshark.

The capture files are on the local C: drive. They range anywhere from 197K to 35M so they are not large nor are they complex protocol decodes - simple SharePoint & SMB traffic.

Any suggestions on fixes?

asked 13 Jun '11, 13:54

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What exactly is the error message? Can you share the pcap (strip any proprietary data) via If not, I can try reproducing the behavior if you describe the steps in detail.

(13 Jun '11, 15:38) helloworld

It happens on various capture files and is not repeatable on the same cap file. The error logged in the system application event log is: Faulting application wireshark.exe, version, faulting module libwireshark.dll, version, fault address (this address varies).

I am simply clicking the Open file folder icon on the toolbar and just picking a different cap file in a folder with about 70 different capture files. As shown above, the file sizes are not large and file content is not complex.

(14 Jun '11, 04:28) Labnuke
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