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I wanted to download the latest stable version for 64-bit Win. The download failed. I tried the Beta/Dev version links, both 32 and 64-bit, and tried 32-bit Win.


I obtained and installed the latest version of WireShark for 64-bit Windows and installed it on the same machine that the downloads had failed. All other internet and network activity seems normal.

I started the capture and then started FireFox and went directly to, then the download page, and tried to download the latest stable version for 64-bit Windows.

The capture shows the failed download, and I stopped the capture as the "hourglass" (or whatever they call the icon nowadays) was displayed and the download never started.

Why? Why do all the download attempts fail?

I think I see the "conversation" at about Frame #47

I can capture more attempts, if needed. Thank you, in advance, for any insight anyone can provide on this.


asked 12 Sep '15, 20:04

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From your capture (tcp streams 69, 70 & 71) it appears that you were trying to download from the eu Wireshark mirror ( and for some reason your browser was unable to connect to that site.

You were able to connect to the main Wireshark site (tcp stream 55), so it's likely there was a temporary issue with the eu download mirror. On the download page there is a list of other mirrors so if you still can't get to the eu mirror (it works for me now) try another site.

On a side note your capture contains a lot of traffic that's not relevant to your question and although it doesn't seem to be the case this time, you could be leaving sensitive information about your network to the world. You should review capture contents before making them public.

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answered 13 Sep '15, 02:41

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