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I am trying to call dissector for mac-lte using lua. But getting error "Lua Error: ...logCapture.lua:27: attempt to call field 'get_mac_lte_proto_data' (a nil value)". I am passing the buffer as per the framing pattern for heuristic dissector.

Here below is the lua script snippet:

   print("hello Lua!!!")

   local uelog_proto = Proto("uelog","UE Log Protocol")

   -- create a function to dissect it
   function uelog_proto.dissector(buffer,pinfo,tree)

      local dissector = Dissector.get("mac-lte")
      if dissector ~= nil then
     print("Buffer %x,%x,%x \n",buffer(0,1):uint(),buffer(1,1):uint(),buffer(2,1):uint())
    print("Value %s",buffer(0,7):string()),7):string()) 
        --pinfo.cols.protocol = "udp"
     local mac_lte_info = dissector.get_mac_lte_proto_data(pinfo)
     mac_lte_info.radioType = buffer(8,1):uint()
     mac_lte_info.direction = buffer(9,1):uint()
     mac_lte_info.rntiType  = buffer(10,1):uint()
         print(string.format("dissector not found, pkt number = %d", pinfo.number ))


   -- load the udp.port table
   udp_table = DissectorTable.get("udp.port")
   -- register our protocol to handle udp port 5001


C code for framing Mac-Lte PDU :

void SendMACFrame(guint8 radioType, guint8 direction, guint8 rntiType,
                  guint16 rnti, guint16 ueid, guint16 subframeNumber,
                  guint8 isPredefinedData, guint8 retx, guint8 crcStatus,char *macpdu,guint8 length,struct UE_LogHeader *uelog )
    ssize_t bytesSent;
    unsigned int  g_frameOffset = 0;    
    unsigned short tmp16;
    char *g_frameBuffer = &uelog->data[0]; 
    /* Fixed start to each frame (allowing heuristic dissector to work) */
    /* Not NULL terminated */
    memcpy(g_frameBuffer+g_frameOffset, MAC_LTE_START_STRING,
    g_frameOffset += strlen(MAC_LTE_START_STRING);
    TRACE_LOG("MAC PUD Direction %d ,length %d rntiType %d\n",direction ,length,rntiType ); 
    /* Now write out fixed fields (the mandatory elements of struct mac_lte_info) */
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = radioType;
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = direction;
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = rntiType;

    /* Now optional fields               */

/* Subframe number */
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_FRAME_SUBFRAME_TAG;
    tmp16 = htons(subframeNumber);
    memcpy(g_frameBuffer+g_frameOffset, &tmp16, 2);
    g_frameOffset += 2;
#if 0
    /* RNTI */
     g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_RNTI_TAG;
    tmp16 = htons(rnti);
    memcpy(g_frameBuffer+g_frameOffset, &tmp16, 2);
    g_frameOffset += 2;

    /* UEId */
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_UEID_TAG;
    tmp16 = htons(ueid);
    memcpy(g_frameBuffer+g_frameOffset, &tmp16, 2);
    g_frameOffset += 2;

    /* Subframe number */
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_SUBFRAME_TAG;
    tmp16 = htons(ueid);
    memcpy(g_frameBuffer+g_frameOffset, &tmp16, 2);
    g_frameOffset += 2;

    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_CRC_STATUS_TAG;
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = crcStatus;

    /* For these optional fields, no need to encode if value is default */
    if (!isPredefinedData) {
        g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_PREDFINED_DATA_TAG;
        g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = isPredefinedData;

    if (retx != 0) {
        g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_RETX_TAG;
        g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = retx;


    /* Now write the MAC PDU               */
    g_frameBuffer[g_frameOffset++] = MAC_LTE_PAYLOAD_TAG;

    /* Append actual PDU  */
    memcpy(g_frameBuffer+g_frameOffset, macpdu, length);
    g_frameOffset += length;

   destination.sin_port = htons(5003);   
    /* Send out the data over the UDP socket */
    bytesSent = sendto(rrcSockFd , uelog->data, g_frameOffset , 
               SEND_FLAG, (struct sockaddr *)&destination, sizeof(destination));

    if (bytesSent != g_frameOffset) {
        fprintf(stderr, "sendto() failed - expected %d bytes, got %d (errno=%d)\n",
                g_frameOffset, bytesSent, errno);


Above mentioned C code works fine for wireshark If I disable lua script and simply enable heuristic dissector in wireshark. But I want to call dissector through lua as I have written some addtional dissectors related to generic UE specific information.

I am new to lua scripting, please help me out .

asked 27 Sep '15, 07:15

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Can anybody tell whether is it even possible to call mac-lte heuristic dissectors through lua or should I try it with C code ?

(28 Sep '15, 04:26) amittkumm

This is the same thing as what we discussed in your previous question.

If you want to put your dissector between UDP and MAC-LTE, then you need to manually fill the mac_lte_info structure and attach it to pinfo. See dissect_mac_lte_heur() function in packet-mac-lte.c file.

The call to get_mac_lte_proto_data() will give you a NULL pointer as no one has added the mac_lte_info structure to pinfo yet.

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answered 28 Sep '15, 07:29

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