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Hello everybody! I am attempting to capture the packets on my own computer, in the hopes of being able to extract any files downloaded from the resulting pcap file. From what I understand this should be possible, but I am having no success in doing so. When in wireshark after the capture, I understand that doing file>export objects>HTTP should extract the files from the capture session, but I do not see either of the two .exe files that I downloaded during my session when using this method. I am not using any filters, and I am sniffing on the ethernet that my computer is connected to.

Help is appreciated!

asked 07 Oct '15, 05:39

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Show us the capture file, just put it on CloudShark.

(07 Oct '15, 07:34) Jaap ♦

If the download was through HTTPS, you won't see anything!

(07 Oct '15, 07:42) Kurt Knochner ♦

Ok. Here is the link. The pcap should contain a single exe file, which I am attempting to extract.

(07 Oct '15, 07:56) surfing123

Ok, so it appears that when I used networkminer to extract files from the pcap I just posted, I was able to grab the file. The difference between this pcap and the original one is that the original pcap contained larger exe files. Could this be the reason I was originally unable to extra the exe files? Is there some sort of size limitation in play? I was unable to upload the original pcap because cloudshark limits to 2mb.

(07 Oct '15, 08:00) surfing123

Kurt, is there no way to extract a file downloaded over an HTTPS connection?

(07 Oct '15, 08:03) surfing123

I was able to extract and run the file PortRptr.exe from the trace you posted on Cloudshark.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Protocols > TCP and enable "Allow subdissector to reassemble TCP streams." Then go to File > Export Objects > HTTP. Find and highlight the file and click "Save As."

If you normally have "Allow subdissector to reassemble streams" off, then turn it back off when you're done saving the file.

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answered 07 Oct '15, 08:30

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Jim Aragon
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