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Hi all,

We use some LUA files to decode our specifics frames. Some of or LUA have a lot of values (more than 60) in the function (dissector). Wireshark displays me an alert message before launching "Function at line 141 has more than 60 upvalues"

here an example ok LUA function :

function p_omap_Global_Counters.dissector(buf, pkt, root)

    --Set info" : " ..

    local Global_Counters_tree = root:add(p_omap_Global_Counters, buf(0))
    Global_Counters_tree:add(f_counter_arrayasync_data_sync_unshared_data_dropped_, buf(0, 4))
    Global_Counters_tree:add(f_counter_arrayccp_com_safe_rx_message_dropped_, buf(4, 4))
    Global_Counters_tree:add(f_counter_arrayccp_com_safe_rx_unkown_message_dropped_, buf(8, 4))

Is it possible to change this limitation ? (We use version 1.10.3) thx for your help Mickaël

asked 16 Oct '15, 00:52

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The pb came from the number of local variable declared (>60) I solved it by declaring all my local variable into one array :

local omapVars =
   myVar1example = ...,
   myVar2example = ...,
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answered 16 Oct '15, 06:28

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