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Hi all, need some help with Wireshark,

I created the below filter,

(ip.src== || (ip.src== || (ip.dst== || (ip.dst== || (ip.dst== || (ip.src== || (eth.addr ==D0:87:E2:23:E0:0E)

However it shows everything containing these IP's, I want wireshark to only display output if all of the above conditions are met, so if the mac address condition is not met or another condition is not met I don't want to see it in the output. I only want it to be shown in the output if all the above conditions are met, does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

asked 19 Oct '15, 07:52

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Change the logical or's (||) to logical and's (&&).

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answered 19 Oct '15, 07:56

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Jim Aragon
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That will not work. The expression has multiple ip.src and ip.dst filters. If all OR's are replaced by AND's, then nothing will be displayed. For example,

(ip.src== && (ip.src== ==> how can a packet have 2 IP sources (assuming no tunneling)?

@sheraz35 = you will need to do a combination of AND's and OR's to get you need.

(19 Oct '15, 08:33) Amato_C

Amato_C, you are, of course, right. I read (hastily) "I want Wireshark to only display output if all of the above conditions are met." mrEEDE's response is probably what is wanted.

(19 Oct '15, 11:46) Jim Aragon

This may be what you want to achieve ...

eth.addr ==D0:87:E2:23:E0:0E && (ip.addr== || ip.addr== || ip.addr==
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answered 19 Oct '15, 10:08

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While thinking about your description, I can see two 'plausible' filters.

Filter #1: communication between the IP addresses (src and dst) addresses and/or the MAC address

eth.addr ==D0:87:E2:23:E0:0E or ((ip.addr == or ip.addr == or ip.addr == ) and (ip.addr == or ip.addr == or ip.addr ==

But that filter does not make much sense to me , so I came up with the second filter.

Filter #2: communication between the addresses 10.70.40.x <-> through a certain gateway D0:87:E2:23:E0:0E

eth.addr == D0:87:E2:23:E0:0E and (ip.addr == and (ip.addr == or ip.addr ==


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answered 19 Oct '15, 16:15

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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edited 19 Oct '15, 16:53

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