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Wireshark gets stuck at 99% loaded on Windows 7 64-bit


Newest build just downloaded to try and fix start-up problem I am getting. Gets to 99% and freezes. So this is with the last 2 versions. Any ideas? Win 7 Pro 64bit NB I thought I had already asked this but it shows up blank, so if there ends up a repeat, I am sorry. Fixed but don't know why. I did have wireshark off the PC for a week now and reinstalled the very same download and this time started fine. I was going to load a screen shot. It has asked for update to be done within a minute of starting and it ran OK. Go figure. Got me puzzled. Thanks for the suggestions guys ( n gals if there are any)

asked 19 Oct '15, 20:18

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Quiet Probee
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As my cristal ball is currently in the cellar, I have to bother you with some questions:

  • what is your OS and OS version
  • what is your Wireshark version
  • please define 'Gets to 99% and freezes'
  • can you add screenshots
(20 Oct '15, 03:24) Kurt Knochner ♦

2 Answers:


Usually this is a sign of WinPcap failing to load properly. Are you running on Windows 8? You could eventually try to reinstall WinPcap. See

answered 20 Oct '15, 04:33

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Pascal Quantin
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Sorry for late reply (National holiday) Im using win 7 pro 64bit and WinPcap4.1.3 . I presumed that WinPcap is the latest bundled with wireshark latest version (just checked now and is) and after complete uninstall - reinstall , I still get wireshark loading to 99% and freezing. Tried starting WinPcap1st and then wireshark but no change, "Loading module Preferences 99% "

(25 Oct '15, 15:37) Quiet Probee

Also under windows 7, there is no <start to="" 0x3=""> when looking for it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NPF\Enum as suggested. Is windows different to windows 8 ?

(25 Oct '15, 15:47) Quiet Probee


and after complete uninstall - reinstall , I still get wireshark loading to 99% and freezing.

The reason could be a somehow broken config file. You'll find the folder being used on your system in the Help menu

Help -> About Wiresahrk -> Folders [TAB]

See "Personal Configuration".

Save the files (if you need them) and then remove all files. Then start Wireshark.


answered 26 Oct '15, 01:45

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