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I have an application that is communicating to a SQL server. Every once in a while, the queries the application calls are taking much longer. I've captured this with Wireshark. When everything is going fine, the log looks like this. These 5 entries take about 1ms.

Client -> SQL Server : Remote Procedure Call

SQL Server -> Client: Response

Client -> SQL Server : SQL Batch

SQL Server -> Client : [ACK] Seq=3218061 Ack=4449533 Win=131328 Len = 0

SQL Server -> Client: Response

When things start to get slow, the SQL Server/Client communication looks like this. The entire transaction takes about 500ms

Client -> SQL Server : Remote Procedure Call

SQL Server -> Client: Response

Client -> SQL Server : SQL Batch

SQL Server -> Client : [ACK] Seq=3222735 Ack=4458045 Win=131328 Len = 0 (Packet length = 60)

Client -> SQL Server: [ACK] Seq=596422 Ack=560033 Win=65280 Len = 0 (Packet length = 54)

SQL Server -> Client: Response

Notice the extra ACK from the client to the server. There is also a mixture of ARP requests in there, SSDP Notify's, STP, NBNS. I'm not sure why there are a bunch of other calls in there suddenly when there weren't before, but from everything I've found it should be pretty harmless. What I don't understand is why would the client be sending an ACK back to the SQL server? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

asked 22 Oct '15, 07:23

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ACK is a TCP feature (Layer 4) to assure that the segments are transmitted correctly. For example to show the sender that all transmitted segments have reached its destination.

A response is an application things and is different from application to application. The TCP behaviour is equal to all applications the at use the TCP.

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answered 22 Oct '15, 09:41

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Sure, I understand that. I guess my question is why does the client sometimes send back an ACK and sometimes it doesn't? And when it does send back the ACK, there is a 500ms delay in the SQL server response?

(22 Oct '15, 10:03) kw2107

Depends on the moment. Without a trace I can't say much more. But in fact every packet is an ACK, too.

(22 Oct '15, 10:13) Christian_R
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