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So I've been developing client/server software (for an MMORPG).

Sometimes, randomly it would seem, users get disconnected from the server for no reason...

We finally managed to capture this incident using WireShark...

It would seem the client is sending a [RST, ACK] packet to the server.

Why could this be happening? The dedicated computer hosting the server has a firewall on, but it is set to allow connections from the port that the client connects to... On top of that the clients ARE able to connect, they just disconnect sometimes...

Here's a picture of the packet in question,

It has the same Ack# as the previous packet, so here's a picture of that one too...

asked 25 Oct '15, 12:37

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Ricky Rodrigues
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I think it is the same picture.

(25 Oct '15, 12:43) Christian_R

Sorry here is the other SS...

(25 Oct '15, 12:54) Ricky Rodrigues

Could you provide us a trace on public accessible place (e.g.

(25 Oct '15, 15:02) Christian_R

Not so easy to tell with just this screenshot. But the session looks quite calm until this RST shows up. If I were you I would look deeper at the side, and look what the app log is telling you. Because, in this case it seems to me that the most probably reasons for this RST is an app related problem at the side.

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answered 25 Oct '15, 12:51

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I am not an expert with wireshark but looking at the pics the client side window value is always low and there are no window updates being pushed through so this could be a good place to look also.

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answered 26 Oct '15, 02:11

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