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Although this isn't really a Wireshark issue, I thought someone on here may have already figured this out.

I am setting up a Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition project to build and debug Wireshark. The Wireshark source has a complex directory structure, and the include files are spread across directories, subdirectories and subsubdirectories.

In many places in the source there are includes like this:

#include <ui_main_window.h>

My C knowledge is rusty but I understand that the angle brackets mean that it's for the compile tool (in this case VS2013) to resolve this reference to an absolute location. I get loads of errors showing that many of these references can't be resolved. I can add directories in the "Additional Include Directories" field of the Project Properties and this fixes the references.

Now to the question. Do I need to add every include directory individually? Can I get VS to automatically descend down through the directory structure? I tried using a wild card (C:\Development\wireshark*) but this doesn't work.

Thanks and regards...Paul

asked 01 Nov '15, 01:30

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No need to create your own project, which has been tried in the past and is very difficult to maintain.

For Wireshark 2.0, the recommended build system on Windows uses CMake not nmake. CMake can generate Visual Studio solution files, or nmake makefiles if you wish to live in the past. All the 2.0 (and 1.99) releases have been built with CMake.

See README.cmake in the top level of the source files for more info.

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answered 01 Nov '15, 06:55

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