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I've managed to successfully build Wireshark using the Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition IDE. It's built Wireshark.exe in C:\Development\wireshark\build\run\Debug with C:\Development\wireshark being my Wireshark base directory. I can double click on the exe and all works fine.

I then try to run it in VS2013 by clicking on the green arrow here:

alt text

I next get this:

alt text

and I choose Yes to build them. This seems to complete but then I get:

alt text

If I try to run again, I get the prompt for the projects out of date and then the same error.

I've searched around on the web and many people seem to have had this type of problem with other builds but I can't find anything approaching a resolution. In desperation I deleted all of the source and used git clone to download the source again, but I get the same problem.

So once again I throw myself on your mercy. Any guidance gratefully received.

Best regards...Paul

asked 05 Nov '15, 03:59

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In the VS Solution Explorer Window, right click "Executables\wireshark" and select ""Set as StartUp Project".

I do get a warning about androidump not being able to start as it can't find the wiretap DLL, but unless you're intending to use androiddump, that's not an issue for you now, although it is a bug.

The nice thing about CMake, is that it leaves your source tree untouched, to recover a "broken" build, all you need to do is delete your build directory and then create it again, run CMake and then build. You can also have both x86 and x64 builds (in different directories) at the same time.

I've no idea why the VS IDE considers the project out of date when built with MSBuild, hopefully allowing VS to compile the build itself will update whatever timestamp magic it needs so that should be a once only issue (until you compile with MSBuild again).

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answered 05 Nov '15, 04:15

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Thanks Graham - that's flipping excellent.

(05 Nov '15, 04:43) PaulOfford
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