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I would like to know if there is a way that I could capture only my laptop thats connected to the WIFI.

Thank you

asked 11 Nov '15, 09:58

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Yes, there is, untick "use promiscuous mode on all interfaces" in the Capture options window, then double-click the wireless interface in the list to open its "Edit interface settings" window and verify that the "Capture packets in promiscuous mode" is also unticked there (should be by default).

This way, you'll capture only the packets your laptop is sending, packets which others send solely to it, and broadcast/multicast packets.

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answered 11 Nov '15, 10:23

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Thank you!

(11 Nov '15, 10:31) BigBoost

But we may get Broad cast traffic from other terminals also ... AM i right????

(11 Nov '15, 19:29) srinu_bel

@srinu_bel, please convert what you wrote into a comment, either to BigBoost's question or to my answer.

@BigBoost, thank you for voting my answer up, but could you please also accept it? It makes a difference, when you look to a list of questions, those with accepted answers have nicer colour ;-) Yes, I agree that if the questioner upvotes an answer, it should automatically mark it also as "accepted", but it is not the case yet.

To the subject: yes, of course, the broadcast traffic will be captured, as I wrote in my answer. You can use capture filter to further limit what will be captured, and display filter to further limit what will be shown to you, but using them requires some knowledge of protocols and various types of messages and their purpose. For example, an arp request (who has IP x? Tell IP y) must be a broadcast one by principle, but it is definitely related to "your laptop" if your laptop has IP x. So if you filter out broadcast traffic completely, your picture of communication related to "your laptop" is not complete.

BigBoost's question suggests that he is not a power user yet, so I've adjusted my answer to that. Any kind of more detailed limitation (like "use capture filter host where is the IPv4 address of your laptop") could make his capture lack something he was really after.


(11 Nov '15, 22:10) sindy

Sorry... i am not frequent visitor to this portal... I kept query and looking for reply for it & just seen this.... Thank u & i will update myself...


(11 Nov '15, 22:40) srinu_bel

Let's be careful of the definition of "Broadcast". If you follow the directions provided by @sindy, you will be able to see Ethernet Broadcasts. However, you will not be able to view any WiFi management or control frames. So if your problem is on the WiFi connection, then allowing a capture in non-promiscuous mode may not be the best solution.

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answered 13 Nov '15, 08:20

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