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I want to convert a TDS stream to clear-text or similar. Does anyone have a hint how to solve this?


asked 26 Jun '11, 01:48

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When I view SQL data, which is transmitted via TDS, (Tabular Data Stream protocol), I am able to view the text by 1st selecting the Stream, (right click on one of the packets in the stream, then "Follow TCP Stream", then select "Hex Dump" as the format option in the bottom right of the TCP Stream window. The TCP Stream window includes hexidecimal data and on the right shows the text conversion of the data as you scroll down.

Hope this is helpful,

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answered 27 Jun '11, 04:50

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Okay, thats what I got too (I guess). But it actually still seems to be a mess. I would like to extract either just the table content or some kind of structured output (tables + content).

(27 Jun '11, 06:16) stefan741

While not completely formatted, you can use use the TDS display filter, then Edit Menu, Mark All Displayed Packets, then File | Print, Output to File, Packet Format: "Packet Bytes" only, deselect Packet Summary line and Packet details. This will create a text file without the summary header information, only the bytes. This still isn't columnized like SQL records. LUA might be helpful, but I haven't played that much with LUA to advise more.

Hope this helps some,

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answered 27 Jun '11, 07:47

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