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1) I am sending 4000 Bytes data by following command count =write(nd," xxxxxxxxxxxxx.... 4000 times" ",4000);

2) confirmed by printing count in the socket programe and by wireshark also

last packet is having PSH flag also... 3) But Rx side 1448 bytes only printing

Client is sending reset the connection ???? I under stood client is crashing ???? Some one told me to send the last packet with out PUSH flag...

Can u tell how to send last packet without push flag ???

Why my client is crashing ??? what is the best solution ????

Problem is much similar to


asked 18 Nov '15, 06:44

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Not a topic for Wireshark, this is a network programming question.

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Not the right place to ask, I'd ask that at Stackoverflow programmers' Q&A, because it is an application and/or driver related question, not Wireshark or network traffic analysis one.

But by not sending the PSH flag you'll likely not save the receiving application from crashing, as the PSH flag just tells the receiving tcp stack to flush the buffer towards the application without eventually waiting for more packets to arrive. So in my understanding, the solution would be to send smaller packets with PSH flag at the sending side, so that the application never receives too much data in one batch.

I would even dare to speculate that various applications may suffer from the same issue as their authors have misunderstood the tcp concept of a stream and can only handle messages whose size matches the popular MTU.

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answered 18 Nov '15, 07:04

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