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Hello all,

Is it possible to create a Wireshark installer without including QT based version? In other words, when we create the setup file, setup will only install the GTK version. Is that possible?

asked 23 Nov '15, 22:01

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What is your OS and which version and what is your Wireshark version?

(24 Nov '15, 01:44) Jaap ♦

I am using Wireshark development version. I am directly creating installer from master branch. I am trying to create setups for Windows 7 (32 bit) and for Windows 7 (64 bit).

When I comment following lines at ..\packaging\nsis\CMakeLists.txt:

if(BUILD_wireshark AND QT_FOUND) set (QT_DIR "\${STAGING_DIR}") endif()

I think it only builds old legacy version? Am I missing any other points?

(24 Nov '15, 01:51) BirolCapa

You may need to hack at the packaging\nsis scripts a bit. Installing without the Qt version isn't supported so you're on your own really.

You do know that the GTK version is likely to be dropped completely for Windows (and OSX) in the 2.2 release, so by not updating your work for Qt now, you will eventually hit a wall.

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answered 24 Nov '15, 02:04

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grahamb ♦
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Thank you for your response Graham, I am aware of this situation.

For the current master branch, end users are having a little bit trouble with the QT based version, because it crashes time to time.

(I am creating setup from master branch since latest stable release does not include all changes at Profinet plugin which are written by me. That's why I need GTK based version only for this temporary time.

(24 Nov '15, 02:09) BirolCapa

The current 2.1 automated builds include both GTK and Qt and the Profinet changes, aren't they useful for your users?

Also, please encourage users who have issues with the Qt version to report them so that hopefully the problems can be fixed.

(24 Nov '15, 03:18) grahamb ♦

What is the difference between following:

  1. I get the latest master branch, and create a setup from that
  2. I get the setup of the automated build

Which one is much more stable?

Because, as far as I understand, every code firstly goes to automated builds before they are merged to master branch?

(24 Nov '15, 04:12) BirolCapa

They're both the same, automated builds are attempted from the master branch after every commit to master. If the (limited) tests succeed then the installer is uploaded to the web site for download by others.

(24 Nov '15, 04:22) grahamb ♦
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